2021 Autumn Budget – the political reaction

Addressing the House of Commons, Chancellor Rishi Sunak used the 2021 Autumn Budget to announce new fiscal rules to ensure public finances ‘remain on a sustainable path’ during the ongoing recovery from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

In the Budget, the Chancellor outlined how the government intends to generate jobs, improve skills, build new homes and combat NHS backlogs.

Mr Sunak stated that the 2021 Autumn Budget ‘delivers a stronger economy for the British people: stronger growth, with the UK economy recovering faster than our major competitors. Stronger public finances, with our national debt finally under control. Stronger employment, with fewer people out of work and more people in work.’

However, in response to the 2021 Autumn Budget speech, Rachel Reeves, Shadow Chancellor, said: ‘The Chancellor is loading the burden on working people: a national insurance tax rise on working people; a council tax hike on working people; and no support . . . for working people with VAT on their gas and their electricity bills.’

Meanwhile, Adrian Ramsay, Co-leader of the Green Party, commented: ‘Once again the Chancellor has shown that he simply does not understand the scale of what is required to tackle the climate crisis. In fact, by cutting Air Passenger Duty and boasting about cheaper fuel for cars, he is taking us in the wrong direction.’

Read our full summary of the Autumn Budget 2021 here.

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