Ben Friend – Business Services Manager

Business Services Manager Chichester Accountants

What does your job as Business Services Manager involve?

Running and managing the bookkeeping and VAT department to ensure all deadlines are met with minimum effort for the client.

What does a typical working day as Business Services Manager look like for you?

At the moment during lockdown, my usual routine is getting up in the morning and taking our new puppy, Bailey for a walk then returning to have breakfast.

After this, I get set up at my work desk in the kitchen, then I will begin answering client and team queries, carrying out any general bookkeeping and catching up with the other members of my team to see how they are getting on. Despite not currently being based in the office, we speak often during the day and go through any issues or client queries together.

What challenges do you and your clients face?

As a team we have tight deadlines for VAT returns with 1 month and 7 days from period end to submission. Thankfully, as a department, we went as paperless as possible before the pandemic so that has helped the transition into working from home.

At present, the hardest part for clients with bookkeeping is providing us the paperwork so that is something we are trying to manage and help clients with as much as possible.

What do you enjoy most about working at Blue Spire?

Good team camaraderie, the team building days out as well as the annual Stirland’s CC Charity golf day which I am really looking forward to being able to do again when things are a bit more normal.

I am fortunate in my role as Business Services Manager that I have developed good relationships with our clients and enjoy seeing them succeed in their line of business.

Lastly, are you binge watching or reading anything in lockdown you would recommend?

I have recently finished watching ‘Power’ and so I am going to start ‘Power Book 2: Ghost’ next.

Other than that, any re-watchable shows like Friends, Outnumbered, Friday Night Dinner etc are always good.

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