Ben Friend – Business Services Manager

Business Services Manager Chichester Accountants

How did you get into Accountancy?

I started training at GCSE level in the hope of being able to complete my own bookkeeping as a trader. Whilst doing this, I found I actually really enjoyed accounting and had a knack for numbers.

What does your job as Business Services Manager involve?

Running and managing the bookkeeping and VAT department to ensure all deadlines are met with minimum effort for the client.

What does a typical working day as Business Services Manager look like for you?

Now that we are back in the office on a regular basis, I get up in the morning and take my dog Bailey for a walk first thing.

After that, I walk to the office and begin by working through any emails that have been received overnight.

Seeing the team more regularly face to face again, means that work can be turned around faster and we are also able to sort out any issues that may arise much more efficiently, which was a little more challenging when we were completely home-based.

What challenges do you and your clients face?

As a team we have tight deadlines for VAT returns and CIS returns. VAT returns fall due 1 month and 7 days after the period end, whereas CIS returns fall due 14 days after the period end. Thankfully, as a department, we went as paperless as possible before the pandemic, so that helped the transition to home working, as well as speeding up our processes.

Covid has affected all businesses in different ways as everyone has had to adapt their business, so we try and take away any added stress by providing as much help as possible.

What do you enjoy most about working at Blue Spire?

Good team camaraderie, the team building days out as well as the annual Stirland’s CC Charity golf day which I am really looking forward to being able to do again when things are a bit more normal.

I am fortunate in my role as Business Services Manager that I have developed good relationships with our clients and enjoy seeing them succeed in their line of business.

What hobbies do you enjoy outside of work?

I am a huge fan of football, golf and Formula One, which means my weekends are usually taken up by at least one of these things. If I am not watching Pompey at Fratton Park, I am generally watching or playing golf, and there isn’t a lot that would stop me from missing an F1 session!

In my spare time, I will be out with Bailey, or trying to do some DIY on our home (or more likely getting my parents drinks while they do the DIY!!!).

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