CDC’s Enabling Grant Scheme applications open 22 September

Enabling Grant Chichester

The second round of Chichester District Council’s Enabling Grant will be open for applications on Wednesday 22 September.

Enabling Grant

The Enabling Grant Program was designed to help improve the efficiency of independent local businesses, to maximise the potential for growth and to assist new businesses with start-up costs.

Applicants who meet the eligibility criteria can apply for one of the three grants available which are as follows:

Grant Chichester District Council

If your business has received an enabling grant previously then you will not be eligible to apply for this grant within two years of receipt of the previous grant payment.

Businesses cannot have more than two enabling grants within the last five-year period.

We have included a link to the full guidance of the Enabling Grants below, but the three grants available are as follows:

Capital Projects

The Capital Projects grant is up to a maximum of 50% match funded and a contribution of no more than £2000.

To enable small businesses to purchase:

  • items of capital equipment
  • training packages
  • additional marketing advice
  • fixtures and fittings to improve premises

Website or social media projects

This grant is up to a maximum of 50% match funded and a contribution of no more than £1500.

To enable small businesses:

  • to update existing websites to be more accessible across all devices
  • to enable e-commerce
  • to establish a new website to reach more customers
  • to establish or improve their digital presence through the use of social media platforms

Start-up Grant Award

This grant is up to a maximum contribution of £500 from the Council (non-match funded) to enable a new start-up business:

  • to purchase items of capital equipment
  • to purchase training packages
  • to improve premises, fixture and fittings
  • to develop a high-quality and engaging website or social media presence
Enabling Grant Chichester accountants

How to apply:

The application form will be available on the Chichester District Council website from Wednesday 22 September, 2021

The deadline for applications is midnight on Wednesday 13 October, 2021.

For full guidance please visit here.

Need help with your accounts? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Source: Chichester District Council

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