Climate Change Committee calls for higher tax on household gas

Following COP26, the Climate Change Committee (CCC) has urged the government to introduce a higher tax on household gas.

In its recommendation to the government, the Climate Change Committee stated that taxes should be used to make fossil fuel heating more expensive to help reach the government’s Net Zero ambitions.

The Climate Change Committee also recommended that the Treasury initiates a review of the role of the tax system in delivering Net Zero, including the role of tax in achieving a higher and more consistent carbon price across the economy.

The CCC said that funding should be doubled so that key climate finance commitments can be properly adapted.

Commenting on the matter, Lord Deben, Chair of the CCC, said: ‘Glasgow was a step forward in global efforts to address climate change, including a genuine increase in ambition to reduce emissions worldwide. We also saw important technical advances, with new rules agreed for reporting emissions and on international carbon trading, and multiple initiatives and sector deals. This is real and welcome progress, but success depends on what happens now.’

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