Freeport customs special procedure applications open

Freeport Applications open

Applications are now open for businesses that are required to operate special customs procedures within a designated freeport customs site. Further guidance on procedures for declaring goods moving into and out of sites has also been published.

freeport UK taxes

Businesses that are planning to operate in the UK’s new freeports can now apply to HMRC.

The tax authority has published the application forms to operate special customs procedures within the sites, along with further guidance on procedures for declaring goods moving into and out of sites.

What are Freeports?

Freeports are areas that benefit from a range of tax and other incentives, including a suspension from customs duties for imported goods and less burdensome customs procedures.

Who can apply?

Before you apply you should check if you need the Freeport Customs special procedure, as an application may not be necessary if the business uses existing customs special procedures.

An application can be made by businesses that have a provisional agreement in place with a freeport customs site operator to store or process goods at a freeport customs site.

HMRC is now accepting applications to use freeport customs special procedures. The application form, which can be downloaded here, must be emailed or posted to HMRC once completed.

What you will need to apply?

To complete the form, businesses will need the following:

freeport application

If you do not already have an EORI number you must apply for one here before filling out your application form

What happens after my application has been authorised?

Once an application has been authorised, businesses importing or exporting goods in a freeport site can:

  • get relief from duties and import taxes,
  • use simplified declarations processes to reduce administrative burdens
  • choose which rate of customs duty to use if processing the goods changes their classification.

The authorised business can process or store goods which can then be exported out of, or sold in the UK.

If you have any questions or need advice on any of the above, then please do not hesitate to contact us.
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