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Tell us a little bit about Parker & Gibbs Interiors – when it started etc:

Parker & Gibbs Interiors Chichester

Steve and I set up our interior design studio in the heart of Clerkenwell in 2017. Two friends, each with our own set of expertise in the design industry, over 30 years’ experience between us and a love for working with clients to create their ideal home. We work on all aspects of a project together from floor plans and colour schemes to final installation, bouncing ideas off each other (and reining each other in when necessary!), specialising in window dressings, the final touch to any of our projects.

It was an incredibly exciting time in the design hub of London and a wonderful starting point for Parker & Gibbs Interiors. Unfortunately, our premises were taken over by a property developer, so we decided to make the move to Chichester in 2018 (not long after our first date!).

We came across Draper’s Yard where we set up our next design studio and met some incredible local independent businesses who helped us settle in (many of them also helped us create our perfect wedding day in 2019!).

We are lucky to call Chichester home, where we collaborate with wonderful local curtain makers, upholsterers, lampshade makers, to name but a few, to be able to offer a full interior design service to our clients.

What does a normal day consist of/look like for you?

Interior design studio in Chichester Parker & Gibbs

Steve and I like to start our day with a good breakfast and a run through of plans for the day. Balancing multiple clients all at different stages of their projects means we have to switch hats throughout the day from designer to project manager, curtain fitter to decorator, so that morning catch up is vital to keep our heads straight (that and our morning coffee from Common Grounds of course!).

What do you love about being based in Chichester?

It’s such a cliché to say but aren’t we lucky to have the best of the countryside and the coast here in Chichester. As a husband and wife team, work can be all consuming but living in Chichester means we can wrap up work at the end of the day and head to the beach for an evening swim in the summer or enjoy an evening at the theatre on our doorstep (when they can eventually reopen).

We still have London to dip into for work and play but we always breathe a sigh of relief (and fresh air!) when we return to Chichester.

What have been some of your biggest challenges during the global pandemic?

interior designers in Chichester

It’s been a difficult time for so many and we’ve had to learn to adapt quickly. A perk of being a small business is the fact that we can react to challenges and take action quickly which I think has worked in our favour during the pandemic.

While we’ve made the difficult decision to let go of our shop base in town, projects have taken off which is a relief and also incredibly exciting as we’re getting a chance to use some stunning products with beautiful results.

Do you have any future goals or things you are looking forward to as life returns to normal (whenever that will be!)?

A third lockdown might have put a slight dampener on plans for 2021 but we remain positive at Parker & Gibbs Interiors HQ. We’ve got a great project on the go at the moment for a very patient client and once that’s done, we hope to be on the other side of the pandemic and able to travel abroad to see family.

How have Blue Spire helped you with your business?

Blue Spire have been a constant support, particularly during these difficult times. They’ve helped us, and so many local businesses, keep up to date with available support or changes that might affect us by email and on their social media updates.

They’ve always been an email or a phone call away if we’ve needed anything (even if it’s just a bit of reassurance).

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