The Old Piggery Farm Shop & Cafe

Tell us a little bit about The Old Piggery – when it started etc:

The Old Piggery Cafe and Farm shop in Selsey, Chichester

The Old Piggery Farm Shop was launched around 4 years ago, supplying an array of items such as fruit wines, lime curd, freshly sourced veg and local trays of eggs. Our wonderful tearoom was added approximately 2 years later and is home to our famous crab sandwiches, packed with meaty crab claw and our refreshing homemade lemonade during the summer.

We have a lot of regular local customers and host many baby showers and afternoon teas but due to the location, we also get a lot of people dropping by on their way to the beach.

What does a normal day consist of/look like for you?

Cafe and Farm shop in Selsey, Chichester

There is no such thing as a normal day at The Old Piggery as we are always trying to improve, find new products and test new ideas – some work and some don’t but our main goal is to be as unique as possible so we are memorable to people who have visited, which is the reason why they enjoy coming back!

What do you love about where the business is based?

You can’t beat leaving work and be swimming in the sea 20 minutes later!

What have been some of your biggest challenges during the global pandemic?

Cafe and Farm shop in Selsey, Chichester

Oh my goodness, where do you start? Surviving when the tearoom had to close for three months, learning to speak with the muffling effect of a mask and keeping ones sense of humour up with the constant tooth ache nagging worry of the business being told to close again. We just tried to do what we could including organising local deliveries of eggs, yeast, compost and veg boxes to elderly and vulnerable people in the community.

Do you have any future goals for the business or things you are looking forward to as life returns to normal (whenever that will be!)

Inviting all my regular and most interesting customers of The Old Piggery to a massive outrageous party at the tearooms, getting smashed and having a lovely time!

How have Blue Spire helped you with your business:

Blue Spire are a very happy company from the warm welcome at Reception to the smiles from all the staff I have met. Everyone there is clearly considered to be part of one team. Calls are returned, emails answered quickly and the updates during lockdown on social media and to clients have also been invaluable and continue to be so.

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