Tracy Bradfield – Accounts Senior

Accounts Senior in Chichester Accountants

What does your job as Accounts Senior involve?

My day-to-day duties involve the preparation of annual accounts and VAT returns for a portfolio of clients made up of limited companies, sole traders and partnerships.

What does a typical working day as Accounts Senior look like for you?

My day doesn’t start until I have organised my two girls to where they need to be that day. Currently that is at home so its a juggle between their homeschooling and work at the moment but in normal times, I would get them off to school, go to the office and make a very strong coffee!

First, I go through my emails and answer any client queries that may have come in overnight and then I get stuck into accounts.

What challenges do you or your clients face?

At this moment in time, all businesses are being impacted in some way by Covid 19, so I just try and do my best to assure clients that I am here to help with any queries they may have.

Every day is different at Blue Spire but we have a great team who all bring different skill sets so we work well together to overcome any obstacles or challenges.

What do you enjoy the most about working at Blue Spire?

The people – both my colleagues and the clients I work with. I also really enjoy the variety of work that I am able to get involved in as Accounts Senior.

Obviously with being home based at the moment, I am missing the chats and laughs we have at the office and I am really looking forward to us all being back in the (hopefully) near future!

Lastly, are you binge watching or reading anything in lockdown you would recommend?

Currently, I am reading The Witcher (complicated), Bridgerton – which is not my usual read but I really enjoyed the characters on season 1 on Netflix, Outlander – these are quite long books but I have just finished Book 6! So yes, reading quite a lot!

Other than that, whatever comedy I can find on TV because we all need a good laugh at the moment.

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