We may be accountants, but we are certainly not boring

boring accountants

For many years accountancy has had a bit of a bad rep and has carried around many common misconceptions, with accountants being labelled things such as “geeky”, “boring”, “nerdy” or “anti-social”.

At Blue Spire we want to challenge this stereotype with our modern and fresh approach to accountancy.

We also happen to think our fantastic team are anything but boring and here we explain why…..


When people think of accountants, they typically imagine middle-aged men dressed in grey suits, thick glasses, and sensible shoes talking about their shared love of maths and spreadsheets.

We have a very diverse team here at Blue Spire who range from quiet to loud, serious to hilarious, and also enjoy several different hobbies and passions outside of the office.

For example, Woodie, who is one of our Accounts Semi Seniors, is a DJ in his spare time and has even released his first remix on Spotify!  We think this is pretty cool.


No two days are the same here at Blue Spire and every one of our team each brings a different set of skills and specialties to their individual area of accountancy.

We work with all sorts of different people, ranging from individuals to limited companies, charities, and sole traders. We have clients from a very broad range of industries, and we love being able to help them and their businesses to grow.

We believe the days of accountants sitting behind a desk all day number crunching are long gone and we are interested in hearing your business ideas and are hugely passionate about helping your business to succeed.


Whilst we like to have a laugh in our office, it’s not all fun and games. Our team are highly professional and committed to providing our clients with a proactive and efficient service, cutting through the jargon and using a language that our clients will understand.


At Blue Spire, we love the latest tech! We are always looking for new ways to save our clients time and make their lives easier.

Our preferred cloud-based accounting software is Xero and we are very proud to have obtained Gold Status – you can find out more about what this means in our previous blog.

Giving back

We believe in the importance of giving back. At the end of every month, we choose a team member to select a charity for our monthly giving. In addition to this, for every new client we take on we provide 5 days of education support to disadvantaged children.

Team work

We focus on having strong communication amongst our team and have systems in place to allow everybody to collaborate efficiently so that we can produce quality work in a timely manner.

We have a fantastic group of people here at Blue Spire and every once in a while we put our calculators down and prove that accountants really can be fun.

Aspiring to be an accountant?

We happen to think that accountancy is a fantastic career choice and people should not be put off by stereotypical views. If you are interested in being part of a fab team in a busy office environment, then please visit here.

accountants are not boring

Don’t just take our word for it…

Building strong client relationships is our top priority and we receive fantastic feedback from our clients on our friendly approach and our ability to leave our clients feeling reassured and confident that they are in safe hands.

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So… if you are looking for an accounting firm who are refreshingly fun, friendly, and FAR from boring then please get in touch with our team at Blue Spire today.

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