Government launches new fraud squad

The government has launched a new ‘fraud squad’ to identify fraud committed against the public purse.

The new Public Sector Fraud Authority aims to ‘modernise the government’s counter fraud response’ and will provide expert support to departments and public bodies in regard to fraud and its threats. It will also enhance the use of fraud intelligence across the public sector to help combat specific threats.

The Public Sector Fraud Authority will consist of counter fraud and data experts and will use advanced analytics to help public bodies protect public money.

Commenting on the issue, Simon Clarke, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, said: ‘The launch of the new body will put a laser-like focus on fraud and renew our efforts to combat people taking advantage of our public services and support.

‘It will reinforce wider investment in government to crack down on fraud and mis-claiming, including £210 million for HMRC to further tackle fraud and £510 million for DWP to target welfare fraud.’

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