Deadline looms for parents to update Child Benefit for 16-year-olds

HMRC has reminded parents and carers that they have until 31 August 2021 to confirm whether their teenagers are staying in full-time education or training beyond 16 for Child Benefit eligibility.

If they do decide to continue their full-time education or training, parents and carers will be eligible to continue receiving Child Benefit payments for their child.

Child Benefit is paid to eligible parents and carers who are responsible for a child under 16, or under 20 if they are in full-time non-advanced education or approved training.

However, parents and carers receiving Child Benefit and who also have an income over £50,000 (or their partner does) may have to pay the High-Income Child Benefit Charge via an annual self-assessment tax return.

In addition, HMRC will stop making payments of Child Benefit, Guardian’s Allowance and tax credits into Post Office card accounts from 31 November. HMRC is reminding any Child Benefit and tax credit customers who use this account to receive their payments that they will need to update HMRC with their new bank, building society or credit union account details.

Child Benefit records can be updated on GOV.UK.

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